Last September I was able to go to boracay just to relax a bit in my college life. I put a lot effort for this outfit. I rushed to SM MALL OF ASIA after my school on it's 2nd day sale just to buy cheap things because I'm running out of budget. I hope you still appreciate my effort here are some pics.

What I'm Wearing: Tank Top (100 fashion ave.), Board Shorts (Sm Fashion men), Captain wheel flip-flop (PENSHOPPE), printed Fedora Hat (ROPA), Sunnies (Sm Accessories)

Sunnies from SM ACCESSORIES.

Board shorts I like the print and it was the only one that fits me well so I was forced to bought it. Hahaha

Captain Wheel flip flop from penshoppe like what happened to me in the board shorts it was the only size that fits me. But it's still cute and stylish.


I don't really into golf I just want something new to post on this blog. Summer is just around the corner and for having an early vacation I took the chance to make this article actually I'm excited on this project because it 's my first out-of-town post. I hope you will like this post as I share you my Golf Haunting quest.

What I'm Wearing : Fedora hat ( Sm Accessories), Button Down (), Shorts (100 Fashion Ave.), Sneakers (Nike)

We head to 2 golf courses in Pampanga. In San Fernando and in Mexico. I  really enjoyed being under the sun hahaha lol!

First is in Mexico, Pampanga I've been in Pampanga for so many times, for my friends and me Pampanga is just around the block like Eastwood for us sometimes we sneak out at night and go to pamp just to party or tambay lang. But being in this places Pampanga is more about that especially this one I felt like I was in Greece. The theme of this Golf Club is Greek gods and goddesses and it was really good from the interior to their architectures.

Next quest is on San Fernando, Pampanga the special about this course is that they have a hole which they called their own and they originated it. this Golf Club is just starting and they told us that they have 3 more holes which is still on maintenance and they quote "Hopefully by the end of the year those 3 are done so that the golfers can enjoy more holes they can play" by the management. I hope so and I'm willing to be back to see those tree (3) and hopefully also for the second time I will be there I can play (Fingers crossed).

This next two photos was shot at their Golfers Clubhouse which was at the last hole so that after the golfers play they can go to the clubhouse and eat and relax for a while.

Photos by : (Vanessa Garcia)

Top Brand Awards

My BFF received an award which is 2013 New Celebrity Award. First of all I want to ask you what do you think when you hear the word Awards Night? Me I think about amazing gowns and coats. Most of the people just watch during the red carpet to see what kind of dress the women are wearing.

So here are some pictures for you to see what we wear during the glamorous night.

What I'm Wearing : Long sleeves (Main Street), Neck tie (SM accessories), Black Skinny (Levi's)

First off course me, I want to keep it simple and formal but still comfy so I mixed Street style and Formal style, I always want that what I'm wearing to be comfortable and it define who and what kind of person I’ am. This is the first time I will attend an awards night so I have no Idea what to wear that time good thing I have a creative mind.

Next is Miss Jas Generoso, well she really defines street style and also she is my partner in crime when it comes to fashion and styling our BFF whenever there is some events that she will attend she is also creative and imaginative when it comes to fashion well she really rock that night.

Lastly the awarded as the new celebrity award of 2013 is Miss Yvette Sanchez wore a Lester Bulao evening gown. The gown is really elegant and it complements with yvette's skin complection and the tailoring of every detail in the gown was fluent and clean.
If you want also to try some Lester Bulao clothe's just go to F&S Tailors near UST or send him a message in his FB acc.


My aunt collaborates with me on selling her perfume I hope you support and buy her perfumes like you support me on this blog. I'm just helping her to sell the perfumes, now if you know somebody who want to buy perfumes we all have it just contact us on our e-mail below.

For MEN's

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  • Aqua marine
  • Banana Rep. Modern
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  • Boss in Motion
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  • Bvlgari Aqua
  • Bvlgari Blv
  • Bvlgari Extreme
  • Carolina Herrera 212
  • Clinique Happy (M)
  • Cool Water (M)
  • Diesel
  • Drakkar
  • Dunhill Desire Blue
  • Escape (M)
  • Eternity (M)
  • Farenheit
  • Ferrari Black
  • Hugo Boss
  • Hugo Energize
  • Issey Miyake (M)
  • Jovan Musk
  • Lacoste (M)
  • Lacoste Blue
  • Lacoste Essential
  • Lacote Green
  • Lacoste Red
  • lacoste Style & Play
  • Polo Black
  • Polo Blue
  • Polo Sport
  • Tommy Boy

  • 5th Avenue
  • Anais Anais
  • Armani White
  • Banana Republic
  • Beatutiful
  • Benetton Hot
  • Blv Notte
  • Brit Sheer
  • Burberry Brit
  • Burberry Weekend
  • Chanel 5
  • Chanel Chance
  • Clinque Happy (W)
  • Cool Water (W)
  • Country Apple
  • D&G Light Blue
  • DKNY Be Delicious
  • Eclat
  • Escada
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  • Eternity (W)
  • Fantassy
  • Green Tea
  • Gucci Rush 2
  • Guess Guess
  • Happy Heart
  • Hugo Deep Red
  • Incanto Charms
  • Issey Miyake (W)
  • Kenzo Flower
  • Live by JLO
  • Love Spell
  • Moon Sparkle
  • Naturally Chic 
  • Nenuco
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  • Versace Bright Cristal
  • Very Sexy
Ck One

New Arrivals
Chanel Allure / Chanel Coco / Amber Romance / Jovan White / Givechy Dream / Gap Dream / Incanto Shine / Vanilla Lace / Gucci rush / Lacoste White / Angel's Breath / D&G Light Blue (m) Ck One Summer

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Bonding Siblings

Last may my cousin get baptized and during reception I have a chance to took some outfit shots this post is more memorable because for the first time my lil sister joined me here and throw her shy away and be fiercer  at this moment I enjoy doing this I hope that you enjoy reading this post.

What I'm wearing: printed fedora hat (ROPA), mirrored sunnies, Red collared longsleves, skinny pants (Levi's), Leather black shoes (PRINCE). Hype this look here.

This is the first time I did a photo shoot with my my lil sister and the experience is really unforgettable because we always conflict to each one's suggestions every shot. Although we still come up with a good photos hahaha all the people there was looking at us I guess it's part of the fact whenever you took photos in public places.
Photos by (Yrene Manio)