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It's my first outfit post taken inside our school and my first post in what I usually wear every time I go to school. I like to be casual every time I go to school and be comfortable in what I wear but still fashionable. I wore a beanie this time because I have a new haircut and the style I have is not allowed in the school. Here are some pictures in what I'm saying.

WHAT I'M WEARING: Beanie (PENSHOPPE), Shirt (YRYS), Skinny (LEVI'S), accessories (MY DAD'S BAUL), and Red Vans Classic (STREET_DAPPER). HYPE this look.

Beanie | I wear it to hide my hair style which was shown in the photo-shoot that I did. It was also has a great texture and color I bought it for only Php 99 at PENSHOPPE stores.

Accessories | Like what I said It comes from my dad's little drawer inside his room which I make 

intrusive and I get a positive comments. Whenever I said to them that it came from my dad they were shocked and say well your dad is also a fashionista you got your talent from him.

Vans | This came from my favorite online store the STREETDAPPER they have a good collections of Items in affordable price visit there Instagram Account click STREETDAPPER I hope this will be your favorite online store also follow them and follow my account also it's JILBIALVERNE.

(Photos: Cedrick Briones)

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