Last Wednesday 13 August 2014, The Jose Rizal University (JRU) Marketing together with some of the Rizzalian Ambassador went to Elpidio Quirino High School in Manila.
I must say they were really welcoming and generous and really accommodating, they really respect they’re visitors. In fact we really enjoy being there; the most fun part of their event is that students are the one who is responsible in the marshal and in implementing the whole career fair.
Here are some picture for you to enjoy.

Jose Rizal University also develop new program, only for this event of EQHS, we call this DiscoverU, and this program is helping the student in choosing their program when they go to college. It’s really good and we also tried the said program and we enjoy clicking what is our interest and at the end you will see what program is fit on your interest. The students were assisted by my co- Rizallian Ambassadors. 

We didn’t just have the DiscoverU program we, also held a Career Orientation Seminar for the student to know what will happen to them if they didn’t take college seriously. The seminar speaker for us is no other than Mr. Wilson Mones, the student was participating during the seminar. All of us were laughing together when Mr.Mones throw a joke the entire student did not just enjoy but also learned.

The reason I took a picture of him, because he really did what technician do. Like fixing this stereo speakers and he had with him is a philips screw. Is in it cute right? hahaha

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(Photos Courtesy of Jilbi Alverne)

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