I don't really into golf I just want something new to post on this blog. Summer is just around the corner and for having an early vacation I took the chance to make this article actually I'm excited on this project because it 's my first out-of-town post. I hope you will like this post as I share you my Golf Haunting quest.

What I'm Wearing : Fedora hat ( Sm Accessories), Button Down (), Shorts (100 Fashion Ave.), Sneakers (Nike)

We head to 2 golf courses in Pampanga. In San Fernando and in Mexico. I  really enjoyed being under the sun hahaha lol!

First is in Mexico, Pampanga I've been in Pampanga for so many times, for my friends and me Pampanga is just around the block like Eastwood for us sometimes we sneak out at night and go to pamp just to party or tambay lang. But being in this places Pampanga is more about that especially this one I felt like I was in Greece. The theme of this Golf Club is Greek gods and goddesses and it was really good from the interior to their architectures.

Next quest is on San Fernando, Pampanga the special about this course is that they have a hole which they called their own and they originated it. this Golf Club is just starting and they told us that they have 3 more holes which is still on maintenance and they quote "Hopefully by the end of the year those 3 are done so that the golfers can enjoy more holes they can play" by the management. I hope so and I'm willing to be back to see those tree (3) and hopefully also for the second time I will be there I can play (Fingers crossed).

This next two photos was shot at their Golfers Clubhouse which was at the last hole so that after the golfers play they can go to the clubhouse and eat and relax for a while.

Photos by : (Vanessa Garcia)

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