My sister and I visited my Mom's grave last November 2, 2012 at Santuario del Sto. Cristo. We missed our mom so much. We even told her some stories of what's happening in our lives nowadays. Here are some pictures to show you.

My sister and I at the back of our Mom's grave. It's number is 1144.

 I bought this flower for her.

 I saw this cute pink candle alone in the cemetery. It was the only candle lightened there, so I took the chance to take a picture of it.
 I took a photo of this tree because I want to show you how few the people is. You don't even see one person there.

Me, holding the flower that I bought for my mother. I don't care how expensive the flower is. I just want to give it to my mom because I want her to feel that she's still special for me.
 This is the name of my mom, CRISTINA G. ALVERNE
 Take a look at the flowers that we bought for her.
I saw my sister sitting in front of our mom's grave. I wonder what she's telling to our mom.. Mhhmm..
 I also told her what's happening in our lives today, in school, at home and everywhere else. I also seek guidance in my decision that I will face.
 We're praying for our mother independently in conjunction with Jesus.


 What I'm Wearing : sprite long sleeves (100 fashion ave.), striped shorts (Greenhills), brogues shoes (gigli). Hype this on lookbook here

I want to keep my outfit simple. I didn't even mind to put some accessories, because my shirt is already printed. 

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