I did a photo shoot with my friend yvette raagas. We only do this for fun its not really for a magazine or what me and her, we always want to try different thing in the world. Right now we want to have a business but we don't know how to start, she said she wants to be an actress so she could get busy ahaha can you imagine our imagination?

That is her on the left side of the screen, and on the right side that's me.

I like reading magazines but not books! ahahaha!

Some of the pictures here is my edit like this one. is it ok? or its bad? well i'm not a professional but i'll get use  to it.

Sorry that is the only picture that i have the others is with her. I hope she will be ok if she saw this cuz she really don't like to post any photo of her on our photoshoot! 

i love you YVETTE  :*

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