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My BFF received an award which is 2013 New Celebrity Award. First of all I want to ask you what do you think when you hear the word Awards Night? Me I think about amazing gowns and coats. Most of the people just watch during the red carpet to see what kind of dress the women are wearing.

So here are some pictures for you to see what we wear during the glamorous night.

What I'm Wearing : Long sleeves (Main Street), Neck tie (SM accessories), Black Skinny (Levi's)

First off course me, I want to keep it simple and formal but still comfy so I mixed Street style and Formal style, I always want that what I'm wearing to be comfortable and it define who and what kind of person I’ am. This is the first time I will attend an awards night so I have no Idea what to wear that time good thing I have a creative mind.

Next is Miss Jas Generoso, well she really defines street style and also she is my partner in crime when it comes to fashion and styling our BFF whenever there is some events that she will attend she is also creative and imaginative when it comes to fashion well she really rock that night.

Lastly the awarded as the new celebrity award of 2013 is Miss Yvette Sanchez wore a Lester Bulao evening gown. The gown is really elegant and it complements with yvette's skin complection and the tailoring of every detail in the gown was fluent and clean.
If you want also to try some Lester Bulao clothe's just go to F&S Tailors near UST or send him a message in his FB acc.

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