Bonding Siblings

Last may my cousin get baptized and during reception I have a chance to took some outfit shots this post is more memorable because for the first time my lil sister joined me here and throw her shy away and be fiercer  at this moment I enjoy doing this I hope that you enjoy reading this post.

What I'm wearing: printed fedora hat (ROPA), mirrored sunnies, Red collared longsleves, skinny pants (Levi's), Leather black shoes (PRINCE). Hype this look here.

This is the first time I did a photo shoot with my my lil sister and the experience is really unforgettable because we always conflict to each one's suggestions every shot. Although we still come up with a good photos hahaha all the people there was looking at us I guess it's part of the fact whenever you took photos in public places.
Photos by (Yrene Manio)

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