This is the part 2 of my first blog post about our retreat in Baguio last march 7-9, 2013. As I told you the experience is unforgettable and the happiness it brings to us, it's Amazing! hope you like it and enjoy. :)

WHAT I'M WEARING: button down chekcerd polo, Acid washed tee, Black skinny pants (Levi's), sneackers (VANS), black scarf and gloves (BAGIUO)

I know it's been a long time and 3 months passed already but I can't still forget about it because it was really unforgettable experience and I want to go back there most especially now that it's so hot.

School starts and I hope this look helped you on picking your attire on going to school. Also remember that it doesn't matter if you repeat clothes just style it differently. Let me inspire you more and help me be heard in this industry.
Photos by (Kyrin Santos), (Marlou Taneo)

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