Celebrating Christmas like a kid again.

I love celebrating Christmas like I'm one of the kids in the street, asking gifts to their godparents. 

But, this time, I've combined lots of elements and I really had a great time celebrating Christmas. 
I celebrated it with my friends and family. We went everywhere to see how the children of this generation celebrated Christmas. And I compared it like how we celebrate Christmas when it was my generation.

Back then, we used to go out in the street early in the morning after we attended mass. But now, after the mass, they went to their houses to eat. They don't want to walk under the sun and ask gifts to their godparents. And we're like pakapalan kami ng mukha. But still fun, though pataasan pa kung sino mas maraming nakuhang pera with my cousins.

Well, Christmas in one of the Brgy. in our city wasn't good enough. There was a sudden fire while celebrating Noche Buena. All areas in the Brgy. were affected. It was like they were erased in the map of the city. The time when I saw the damage, I want to cry because I saw the difference before the fire started.

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