Cold Weather.

Last march 7-9, 2013 I was given a chance to go at Baguio City. It was my first time to visit Baguio and I can say that my experience is unforgettable. Not for a vacation or tour but for a retreat, but we mostly go out after our sessions and go to different tourist spots there. My teacher said we should travel light, so I make sure the things I will bring will be comfortable and also matches with the weather.

If you will ask me what I felt after we had our retreat, there is only 2 words to explain it, “Go Back”. I need to go back there this summer vacation.

What I'm wearing : Sweater (UNIQLO), Fitted pants (LEVI'S), Gloves and Bonet scarf (Baguio City), cute notebook (Regina's), Loafer (Prince). Hype this look (click the word hype).

 Photos by (Marlou Taneo) and (Kyrin Santos)

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